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Komarom - Fort Monostor Hungary

Part of the Austro-Hungarian major fortress system Komarno (SK)/ Komarom (HU)

Area for culture, leisure and living history on both sides of the river Danube

The Fort Monostor (Fort Sandberg) was built between 1850 and 1871 and is one of the largest forts in modern history in Central Europe. The historic monument of the Classicist War, which has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage candidate list, offers a magnificent sight with its monumental walls made of carefully shaped and assembled stones, its ramparts and its kilometer-long casemate network.

Within its walls, Fort Monostor offers nine exhibitions on various subjects. Those interested in military history can admire weapons and huge military vehicles as remaining traces from the Cold War.

The firearms instruction hall is unique in Europe due to its age, its rarity and its unusual wall paintings. In the beautifully renovated Danube bastion there are models of military ships from the era of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The recently developed rooms in the casemates combine an interactive exhibition with an exciting adventure game.

Experience World

Danube Bastion


The Danube bastion was the center of the fort. Its original function was to protect the Danube, so this is the strongest bastion of the Fort Monostor. The walls here are most imposing, and are up to 5 meters thick and 15-18 meters high.

From top of the bastion you have a beautiful view of the Danube and of the both sections of the mayor fortress system in Hungary and Slovakia. On the roof there is also a concrete artillery emplacement constructed by the Soviets.

In the assembly ground in the middle, today seasonal open-air theatres and concerts will take place.

Inside the impressive building a narrow railway with small carts can be seen in many places. This was used by the Soviet army for transporting crates of ammunition, but some sections of it may be older.

Casemates of Fort Monostor


The area of the casemates in Fort Monostor is over 30,000 m². A part of this can be explored by the visitor. Here you will find exciting exhibits and interactive exhibitions with videos, 3D models and much more.

Thematic tours for young and old take you into the military life of the 19th century. At many stations you can try out yourself as soldier of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy through an adventure story. Here and there in the outer casemate may appear some defenders or an element representing the presence of the enemy to increase the experience of the otherwise unique light effects.

Tour Offers and Information

Guided Tours in the Fort Monostor

Fort Monostor offers exciting tours, entertaining events and interesting exhibitions all year round. It's worth a visit.
The conference and event center in the Danube Bastion can also be used in a variety of ways.

Monument and History


Apart from defending the central castle (North-Komárom), its staff also performed the task of controlling ship traffic on the Danube River. No actual war activities took place at the fort, as a result of which it was primarily used for the purposes of military training and ammunition storage. Between 1945 and 1990 the South Army Group of the Soviet Red Army converted the building into the biggest ammunition storage facility of Central Europe.

Quelle: Monostori Erőd
Quelle: Monostori Erőd
Quelle: ©Monostori Erőd
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The fortress conceals itself nestling into the ground and expresses the strength of defence with its numbing expedience. Fine example of this practice is Fort Monostor. Considering its age, type, size and the quality of its engineering, Fort Monostor is an unrivalled example of Central European military architecture.

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Quelle: ©DR
Quelle: Monostori Erőd
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Nature Experience

Due to the huge size of the Monostor Fort, nature lovers are able to explore the fort in their own way. Walk along the ramparts and bastions through cool gorges or enjoy the view on the Danube. Discover animal inhabitants in the extensive green interior or the diverse bird world.

Quelle: ©DR
Quelle: ©DR