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Culture Bunker Strausberg Germany

»Communication connects - friendship unites«
GDR-Telecommunications Bunker - Memorial site of the Cold War

Places of History e.V.

The Berlin-based association organizes tours and excursions to architectural legacies from the Cold War era (barracks, airfields and bunkers). In addition, the association is committed to making the most modern telecommunications bunker of the former GDR accessible to the public as Kulturbunker Strausberg.

In autumn 2019, the access tunnel to the gallery tunnel was rededicated in a first stage. In addition, guided tours through the imposing monument were offered. Under the motto »Communication connects - friendship unites«, the Cold War monument is to be gradually expanded into an extracurricular learning and educational facility and a meeting place for creative minds as well as for historically interested people and will reopen in stages in 2021.

In addition, under the leadership of Martin Kaule, the association organizes fascinating trips to lost places and the fortress heritage of the 20th century throughout Europe and implements numerous book projects.

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Kulturbunker Strausberg

From 1984 the post bunker served as a hub and interface for all public and secret telephone and telex networks of the GDR in Strausberg. In addition, the Minister of Post and Telecommunications would have coordinated his official business from the bunker in the event of war or disaster. Today it is not a normal bunker museum, but is to be gradually transformed into a culture bunker. Extracurricular place of learning, education and meeting place for those interested in history and the curious with an underground area of almost 10,000 square meters, which is spread over two underground floors. The former access tunnel has been redesigned into Germany's longest underground gallery tunnel.

Gallery tunnel


The former access tunnel was rededicated as the »gallery tunnel« in 2019, making it the longest underground gallery tunnel in Germany. Two exhibitions invite you to visit the Strausberg culture bunker. The exhibition »Voll der Osten. Leben in der DDR/ Full of the East. Living in the GDR« is a project of the Federal Foundation for the Study of the Communist Dictatorship in Eastern Germany (Bundesstiftung zur Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur) with photos by Harald Hauswald and texts by Dr. Stefan Wolle. The second current exhibition »25 Years Withdrawal of the Western Group of Troops (WGT) from Brandenburg« shows photographs of the evacuated properties of the Soviet armed forces and was funded by the Brandenburg State Center for Political Education (Landeszentrale für politische Bildung) .

Cultural quarter „Altes Postgelände“


The Kulturbunker Strausberg is located on the grounds of the old post office in Strausberg. Surrounded by forest, a district is developing here with a diverse, creative and committed cultural life. The old waterworks became the theater stage for the »Andere Welt«, while the catering of the »Schmorpost« in the gate building of the area provides for the physical well-being. Regionally and ecologically sustainable is the motto in the quarter. In addition to ecological furniture design from our own forest, beekeeping, forest experience, seminars and workshops, space is created for rehearsal rooms, studios and lots of new things.

Tour Offers and Information

Guided Bunker Tours Strausberg

Guided Bunker Tours Strausberg - Experience exciting tours through the Kulturbunker Strausberg!

Organization: Kulturbunker Strausberg - Places of History e.V.

Brandenburg Bunker tours

Bunkertour IBrandenburg Bunkers tour I (Garzau, Wollenberg and Kunersdorf)
Dive into the mysterious underworld in Brandenburg and gain completely new views in three different, old walls in the NVA bunker Garzau, the heavily protected bunker Wollenberg and the bunker Kunersdorf near Wriezen.


Bunkertour IIBrandenburg: Bunkers tour II (Kolkwitz, Leuthen and Welzow)
A former bunkered command post near Kolkwitz, the bunkered operating rooms of the Leuthen radio relay station and some areas of the former Welzow military airfield as well as the exhibition there on the history of the area are explored.


WünsdorfBrandenburg: 5 Bunkers tour in Wünsdorf
Dive into the mysterious world of underground bunkers with the experts from the bunker town of Wünsdorf. An excursion through five different bunkers from different epochs in the book and bunker town of Wünsdorf.


StolzenhainBrandenburg: Objekt 4000 / Bunkers and barracks tour Stolzenhain
Visit one of the once top secret locations from the Cold War era in Brandenburg with us. Nuclear weapons for what was supposed to be World War III were stored here under the custody of the Soviet Army. An author and history expert will guide you through the area.


Organization: Places of History e.V.

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Travels, excursions and guided tours to fascinating places of contemporary history at home and abroad. From Svalbard in the north to Albania on the Adriatic.


Operator: Martin Kaule. Event- and Culture Trips


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Monument and History


The Strausberg post bunker was one of the few bunkers in the GDR with the second highest protection class (SK B). In an emergency, it should ensure a dual function. Node between different telecommunication networks of the GDR on the one hand and bunkered control point of the Minister for Post and Telecommunications of the GDR on the other hand. Some areas of the bunker were briefly operated by the Bundeswehr after reunification. In 1995 the dismantling and finally the abandonment of the underground object followed. Illegal use, looting and arson devastated the bunker. The system was then closed for more than 20 years. The association Orte der Geschichte e.V. began laboriously to make this historical place usable again in 2018.
After the opening in autumn 2019, a visit is currently not possible. But from 2021 the culture bunker is to be expanded into an extracurricular learning and educational facility in the region.

Quelle: © Orte der geschichte e.V.
Quelle: © Martin Kaule
Quelle: © Martin Kaule
Quelle: © Orte der Geschichte


The bunker, completed in 1984, is one of the most modern protective structures in the area of the GDR with the second highest bunker protection class (SK B). The underground telecommunications bunker has two usable floors and an intermediate floor with a total area of approx. 70 x 70 meters. The area of around 10,000 square meters is divided into almost 200 rooms and more than a kilometer of tunnels and corridors. Gradually, these will be made accessible again step by step.
Two thirds of the bunker was in continuous operation from 1984 as a hub and interface for all public and secret telephone and telex networks in the GDR. About a third of the rooms served as the command bunker for the Minister for Post and Telecommunications in the event of a war. The bunker was initially taken over by the Bundeswehr, but from 1995 it was dismantled and finally abandoned.

Quelle: © Kulturbunker Strausberg
Quelle: © Kulturbunker Strausberg
Quelle: © Kulturbunker Strausberg
Quelle: © Martin Kaule

Nature Experience

Strausberg - the green city on the lake at the gates of Berlin has a lot to offer. North-east of Berlin, the city lies in the middle of the forest and water-rich landscape of the Barnim.
Numerous cycling and hiking trails make Strausberg an attractive destination for active tourism and invite you to go on excursions around the Straussee or in the Märkische Schweiz nature park.
Most of the old Strausberg post office grounds, under which the Kulturbunker Strausberg is located, is forested and is used sustainably for ecological forest and wood management with its own wood workshop and beekeeping through the project »Kulturquartier Altes Postgelände«.
The Kulturbunker Strausberg and the »Kulturquartier Altes Postgelände« are close to the ZR1 feeder (European cycle route R1), Märkische Schweiz Nature Park.

Quelle: © Martin Kaule
Quelle: © Martin Kaule
Quelle: © Kulturbunker Strausberg